Stars of the Sea

Dripstone Year 8 Stars had their sea legs tested while touring Landbridge recently.

First, they were introduced to the complexities of the Darwin Port control centre and then were given an opportunity to climb aboard a Border Force patrol boat.

The trip aimed to expand the girls’ horizons about the types of exciting work opportunities that are available to them.

In the control centre, the girls were transfixed by the massive bank of monitors that use infrared radars to display the various ships in the harbour and help the technicians direct traffic in and out of the Port efficiently and safely.

The girls learned about importing and exporting and that many of the products that they and their families use every day, including cars and mobile phones, arrive in Darwin packed in huge shipping containers by the hundreds.

As part of the tour, the girls were also able to witness a ship being loaded with cattle, for export to places as close as Indonesia and as far away as Egypt!

They also took part in a mock ‘day in the life’ of a Border Force marine tactical officer at sea and learned about the duties that need to be undertaken every day.

While exploring the many secret nooks and crannies aboard the ship, the girls were surprised to hear that the crew sometimes stays out at sea for four weeks at a time – with no access to wifi and limited contact with their family and friends back home.

Thanks to tour guide Kerri Small for opening our Stars eyes to the great job opportunities that are available at Darwin Port and with Border Force patrol.