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Stars Foundation partners with organisations which strive to improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait people and communities, and believe that investing in the education of young women is essential to healthy futures for the young women and their future families.

Stars has raised over $2.8 million of funding necessary to support the 450 girls through to the end of Year 12 and beyond. We are now seeking the remaining $4.1 million to ensure that we can support all of the Aboriginal girls who wish to complete their schooling with the support of Stars.

With your support, Stars will help to close the gap in Australia, enabling the successful completion of school for young Aboriginal women and transitions to life beyond, with education providing greater opportunities than they would otherwise have had.  All donations are extremely valuable and are directed to the programs for girls. Over 90% of all funds received are expended directly on program costs.

Donations can be made to the Stars Foundation via Give Now.