Our Model

The Stars Program is based on experience and review of the best available evidence, incorporating positive youth development frameworks, cultural appropriateness for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and a gender lens.

While along the lines of Academy programs for boys, the Stars program is tailored to meet the needs of young women. While sport may still be a driver for some girls there are other drivers/attractors that will ensure the success of the program for girls.

To meet the needs of individual young women, a range of extracurricular activities are offered including sports and physical activities, art, music and dance. Community activities and camps will also be offered to provide engagement incentives & personal development opportunities

Full-time, on site mentors are the key to the success of the program. Many of the benefits of youth mentoring correlate with the teaching of skills that aim to foster resilience and wellbeing, leading to increased social connection, community participation and self-confidence.