The Situation Now

The Stars Foundation goals align to the Close the Gap – Education & Employment Targets.

The 2015 PM’s report shows progress to meeting the target. While the target to ‘Halve the gap for Indigenous Australians aged 20-24 in Year 12 attainment or equivalent attainment rates’ is on track, there is still a long way to go to meeting the targets to “Halve the gap in employment outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians” and to “Halve the gap in reading, writing and numeracy achievements for Indigenous students.”

Stars will make a positive contribution to both of these targets.
Closing the Gap – The Prime Minister’s Report 2015 | Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

      • Apparent retention rate Year 7-12 (2010) for Aboriginal girls is 50.4% compared to 84.5% for non-Aboriginal girls
      • Education participation for Aboriginal girls aged 15-19 years is 54.1% compared to 74.5% for non-Aboriginal girls
      • 25.7% of Aboriginal women 15 years and over have a year 12 or equivalent qualification compared to 51.1% of non-Aboriginal women
      • 20% of Aboriginals between 20-64 years of age have a post-school qualification compared to 37% of the non-Aboriginal population
      • 43% of Aboriginal women are employed compared to 69% of non-Aboriginal women
      • The estimated life expectancy at birth (2007) of an Aboriginal woman (73 years) is 10 years less than that of a non-Aboriginal woman (83 years).
      • 44% of Aboriginal children 0-14 years are raised in single-parent families (mostly mothers) compared to 19% of non-Aboriginal children.
      • In 2011, Indigenous teenagers had one-fifth (19%) of the babies born to Indigenous women, compared with only 3.8% of those born to all mothers
      • Over 50% of Aboriginal mothers had their first child while they were still a teenager.
      • Nationally, for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged 0–3 years, for who data were collected in 2008, 42% of mothers reported that they had smoked tobacco during pregnancy
      • An Aboriginal girl aged 10-17 years is 23.3 times more likely to be in detention on an average day than a non-Aboriginal girl aged 10-17 years.
      • Smoking rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls are 45%, compared with 5% for other adolescent girls.