NHS Stars visit the Police

Stars senior students from NHS visited the local Nhulunbuy Police Station on Monday for an insight into a police officer’s working day. Thirteen young women descended upon the station for a tour of the muster room, the watch house, the interview room and the armoury, led by Senior Constable Kellie Logan and Senior Aboriginal Community Police Officer Trudy Grenfell.

Stars girls had opportunity to view how security footage is obtained, have the items held in a utility belt and their usage explained, sit inside a police vehicle and talk into the radio and give the sirens a whirl. We even learned about fingerprints and DNA!
We also modelled high-vis police vests, hats and batons and submitted each other to our own random breath tests! The girls gained an idea of what an average day is like for a police officer working in a remote community, saw behind the scenes and were quite brave in voluntarily entering the rather formidable cells!

Our visit also allowed us to converse freely with police women and learn a little about what they enjoyed about their jobs and the diversity of the communities they had worked in. Imagine the surprise and delight when Stars girls realised that these women were not only police officers, but mothers too! It was a fantastic opportunity for students to see how modern women can juggle family, community and a high-profile career, and hopefully planted a seed in many young minds.