Shining Start for Queensland Stars

It’s been a brilliant start to the year for Stars Foundation’s three new programs in Townsville, Queensland, with attendance soaring among our girls.

Across the Queensland programs, we have seen outstanding improvements in attendance among our Stars girls. In one school, we have recorded an average increase among Stars students of 17 per cent.

In some cohorts, the attendance rate of Stars girls is more than 30 per cent higher than the figure for all Indigenous students across the school.

More than 250 girls are being mentored and supported to be the best they can be across the three schools involved – Heatley SC, Thuringowa SHS and Pimlico SHS.

Feedback from school principals and staff at the schools has been wonderful, including this from an experienced teacher at Heatley Secondary College:

“I have been fortunate enough to spend time in and around the Stars room. There is a definite ‘energy’ that encompasses not just the room but flows out to surrounding areas and playgrounds.

It is amazing how the Stars Mentors are developing leadership and compassion in our senior students. It is obvious that RESPECT is a value that the program is reinforcing … I believe our girls are generally showing more respect for themselves and for others since the Stars program has been in place.

What a blessing to our community!”