Yirrkala Stars Student Meets Prince Charles

Yirrkala Stars student, Kaya Munungurr, was thrilled to be part of the Traditional Owner group that welcomed His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales to East Arnhem Land this week.

Even more exciting was that Kaya got to meet and speak with Prince Charles as he had a close look at the print she has been working on all term.

“I was really nervous to talk to him, but he was nice and kind,” Kaya says.

“He asked me what my print was about. He also asked what the words wangarr (totem) and bapurru (clan) meant. I’m happy I got to meet him.”

These are the words Kaya wrote to accompany her print in the exhibition, which Prince Charles is reading in the photo:

My name is Dhurumul Munuŋgurr. I am a Yolŋu woman. I was born in Gove hospital and grew up in Yirrkala. My moiety is Dhuwa. My skin name is Galiyan. My bäpurru is Djapu. My waŋarr is mäṉa. My yirralka is Wandawuy. I speak Dhuwaya, English and Dhuwal.

This photo was taken at my school. This portrait is about my mother’s clan. I chose these designs because I really love them. I made this portrait because I wanted to show the world my mother’s culture.

My strengths are being ralpa, training for football, helping, leading, and caring. I am good at football, maths, English, and different types of sports. I am also good at hunting, swimming, listening, and chilling with my family.

My dreams when I graduate are that I really want to find a job with a good education. Also I want to get an ATAR university certificate. The people that will support me are my mum and my dad, Stars and my teachers.