Stars Believing in Their Future Selves

One of the key things Stars works on with our students is self-belief. We know that if the girls believe that they are capable of things, they are much more likely to put in the effort needed to achieve success.

Stars Mentors from Heatley Secondary College in Townsville recently took eight girls camping on Magnetic Island to work on their self-confidence and strengthen their engagement with school.

Each of the girls had been showing signs of disengagement, including low school attendance, behavioural issues in class, and inconsistent engagement with the Stars program.

The camp provided the girls with an opportunity to step up and do things that challenged them, including handling snakes and other reptiles, going snorkeling, hiking in the bush, and other  team-building activities most of them hadn’t done before.

With a lot of effort, and support from their Stars Mentors, the girls were able to overcome their fears and deal successfully with these challenges.

The girls’ achievements on camp showed them that they can face difficult things and overcome them – at school and in life – if they believe in themselves and always try their best.