Elders Share Wisdom at Sanderson

The Sanderson Stars program, in partnership with Catholic Care NT and CarersNT, arranged for our Year 9 Stars to spend some quality time with local Aboriginal Elders in the weeks leading up to Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June).

Once a week, the girls have been sitting down with the women and choosing an activity to engage in together. The Elders have brought some of their insights and wisdom to the girls through a range of activities, including preparing and cooking damper in the ground, talking about their past experiences, and sharing many Dreamtime stories.

It has been very moving to witness the strong rapport that has developed between the women and girls, with smiles and laughter abounding. Many of our girls have been able to make personal family connections with the Elders, which has brought the group even closer together.

The women have been very giving of themselves, happy to share the good and not so good times they have lived through. They have repeatedly stressed to the girls the importance of family traditions and a good education.

The Elder sessions have further developed the girls’ sense of themselves and their culture, and has had a strong impact on their respect for one another.