Good Tukka

As part of the Healthy Lifestyles pillar of the Stars plan, our girls at Thuringowa State High School in Townsville completed an eight-week cooking and nutrition program, Tukka Tools, provided by Diabetes Queensland.

Tukka Tools was adapted from the Need for Feed program by the Cape York Health Council and is specifically designed to suit the needs of Indigenous high school students in Queensland.

During the program the girls were taught basic food preparation and cooking skills, how to handle food safely, and the nutritional values of certain foods. The also learnt about the importance of eating ‘Go, Grow and Glow’ foods, to keep their bodies strong and healthy.

‘Go’ foods provide the energy to help young people ‘go, go, go’, ‘Grow’ foods give them the protein, calcium and iron they need to grow healthy muscles, bones and teeth, and ‘Glow’ foods keep their insides clean, their immune system strong, and give their skin and hair a healthy glow.

At the end of the program, the girls invited their families in for a ‘Family Feed’. The menu was chosen and cooked entirely by the girls, using what they had learnt about how to prepare delicious, healthy food.