Stars Learn Ancient Art of Weaving

Year 10 Thuringowa Stars learnt the ancient art of basket weaving during a visit from well-known Aboriginal weaver and artist, Shanelle Lenoy.

As part of the Community, Culture and Leadership pillar of the Stars Plan, Shanelle took the girls walking along the banks of the Ross River to collect natural fibres in preparation for weaving.

Shanelle told the girls that the collection of the fibres is process she holds very close to her heart because it was passed down to her from her mother and grandmother.

As the girls collected the fibres, Shanelle explained that the ends can be eaten as bush tucker. The plant is known as river cabbage and, as the girls discovered, it really does taste like cabbage!

As they traversed the landscape, Shanelle reminded the girls how collecting the natural fibres gives them a chance to connect with country and show their respect to the land and all the resources provided by mother earth.