Engagement Activity Focuses on Art

During their Year 9 sleepover, our Thuringowa Stars were exposed to a range of different types of artworks out in the community.

At a local Townsville gallery, the girls enjoyed an exhibition of works specifically designed for young people, before moving on to the amazing Aluminium Art Gallery.

This unique gallery exhibits work from Australian and international artists, who create their pieces using specialised techniques of grinding and painting on recycled aluminium ‘canvases’.

Finally, at an exhibition of traditional Torres Strait Islander artefacts titled ‘Evolution’, the girls were taken on a journey from time immemorial, when masks were used in ceremonial rituals involving art, theatre and dance.

The activity was rounded off with a calming ‘Yarning Circle by the Sea’, which encouraged our young women to have quiet conversations with one another and just ‘be in the moment’, without the constant distractions of technology.