Star Leaders in the Making

The Stars program works hard to develop leadership skills and resilience in our young women, as well as building their confidence and wellbeing.

As part of preparing our Year 11 Thuringowa Stars to be confident leaders at school next year in Year 12, they recently participated in a cultural strength discussion, followed up with a group abseiling activity at Picnic Bay on Magnetic Island.

During the cultural strength talk, our young women were asked to identify the different strengths and personal attributes that they think a good leader possesses, especially one who is strong in their culture.

The abseiling activity was designed to show the girls, in a practical way, that they are also able to display the qualities of a leader.

Although some of the girls were extremely anxious about abseiling, they all completed the activity – with most of them wanting to go for a second time.

The amount of support and encouragement they gave one another was fantastic to see and it was empowering for our young women to realise that they can also show the same qualities and strengths they had identified as important in a leader.

Following the activities, our Thuringowa Stars Mentors have seen a definite improvement in attendance and effort from some of the young women involved, especially those who had struggled to get to school on time – or even at all.