Exploring Future Opportunities

Two of our Year 12 Haileybury Rendall School Stars were lucky enough to go on a workplace tour of Care Flight NT this week.

The tour was hosted by local Indigenous woman, Justine Williams. As part of the visit, she showed our Stars some amazing footage of people who have required Care Flight’s services and of the dedicated doctors and pilots who work for the organisation.

They then went on a tour of Care Flight’s brand-new hangar, which contain training facilities, sleeping quarters, logistic and administration offices, and safety and emergency equipment.

They also had an opportunity to watch a helicopter being serviced by a team of engineers, one of whom spoke to the girls about the role each of them plays – and how important it is for them all to work as a team.

Our young women left knowing a lot more about the work of Care Flight NT and the types of job opportunities they might be able to consider after they finish school at the end of this year.