Super Stars Boot Camp

A key focus of Stars is Healthy Lifestyles, with all of our programs promoting healthy eating and physical fitness.

Apart from providing nutritious food choices in every Stars Room, we also provide opportunities for our young women to learn more about how to stay fit and healthy, including sporting and fitness activities, cooking and nutrition classes, and workshops and guest speakers.

Throughout this year, for example, our Year 12 Pimlico State High School Stars have been at boot camp , working hard on maintaining good health and keeping fit.

Our wonderful personal trainer, Jeannie, has generously volunteered her time every Wednesday, running a one-hour boot camp session with the girls before school.

After each session, the young women have enjoyed a delicious, healthy breakfast and prepared themselves for school.

Our Stars say exercising in the morning has helped them wake up, feel ready for the day and stay much more focused in class.

These fantastic young women have showed a great deal of commitment, strength and perseverance in attending Super Stars Boot Camp all year – and they will certainly miss their early morning squats and burpees!