Stars Go On Vocation

Our senior Tennant Creek Stars have been busy working with their Mentors on their vocational development plans over the past few weeks.

This process gives our young women a chance to identify their own areas of interest and explore opportunities in the workforce, well and truly before they complete high school.

An important part of our young women’s vocational development planning is the work our Mentors and Transitions Mangers do to help them develop work-ready skills, often through part-time employment in the senior years of high school.

We are pleased to say that two of our Tennant Creek Stars, Deja and Tara, have already secured part-time employment at the local supermarket and Skye has gained a part-time position at the local pharmacy.

These employment roles, which the young women will fit around their schooling, will help them more fully understand workplace expectations and develop a range of important work skills, which they will need when they move into their chosen careers.

It’s always a joy for our Mentors to work with the senior Stars as they begin to think about possible career pathways and life beyond school.