Stars Shine as Leaders

Six outstanding young women from our Dripstone Middle School program have been selected as Term One Stars Leaders!

As part of the Community, Culture and Leadership pillar of the Stars Plan, we encourage our girls and young women develop their leadership skills and take on leadership roles wherever possible.

The selection of our Dripstone Leaders was based on personal qualities, such as their demonstrated maturity and positive attitude towards their peers.

Year 7 – Daisy Tulari & Mele Tupou

Starting at a new school can be daunting and both these girls have been chosen because of their courage and leadership towards their peers since the first day of school. Daisy is warm and friendly and always willing to participate and help others. Mele is outgoing and always shows courage and enthusiasm.

Year 8 – Nadia Thompson & Savannah Pollard

Nadia and Savannah have both shown they can lead by example and have earned the respect of their peers since starting at Dripstone Middle School in 2018. Nadia is helpful, enthusiastic and always friendly, while Savannah shows passion and always treats her peers with respect.

Year 9 – Meleeka Quall & Shellbea Day

Meleeka and Shellbea are in their third year at Dripstone Middle School and are very popular within all year levels. Meleeka is softly spoken, caring and thoughtful and is always willing to help others. Shellbea is respected throughout the school and while she, too, is softly spoken she is caring, motivated and passionate, which has seen her also voted as School Captain for Dripstone Middle School.