Exploring Opportunities in Health

Exploring work and training opportunities in the health sector was the focus for VCAL Stars from Haileybury Rendall School recently, when they were taken on a visit to Charles Darwin University.

The young women were given an introduction to some of the opportunities available in health studies at the university, meeting with some Lecturers who gave them an insight into all the different areas available to study.

They also spent some time in a university classroom hearing from the Head of Nursing, who explained what our young women could expect if they decided to study at Charles Darwin University after completing Year 12.

Next stop was another classroom, which was set up as an Emergency Room with simulated bodies and all the medical supplies and equipment that are used when a patient arrives in the ER.

Our Stars enjoyed trying out all the equipment, but they were especially drawn to the simulated ‘test baby, which they all wanted to hold and fuss over!

A fantastic opportunity for our Stars to learn more about the many and varied opportunities available to them in the health sector.