Reward for Achieving Goals

Katherine Stars who achieved their attendance and behaviour goals were lucky enough to be taken on an engagement camp to Jabiru and Kakadu National Park recently.

They participated in a range of cultural experiences, including the cruise along Yellow Water Billabong, where they confidently shared their cultural backgrounds and knowledge of country with the local tour guide and tourists.

After the cruise, our young women enjoyed an art class with local Bininj people and then took some time to explore Kakadu’s popular Burrungkuy (Nourlangie), which is known for its World Heritage rock art, colourful birdlife and fantastic walks and lookouts.

The process of setting attendance and behaviour goals and then reaching them was very satisfying for the girls, as it showed them that if they try hard, they can achieve what they want to achieve.

We know that, with the encouragement and support of Stars and their families, these young women can do anything!