Staying Engaged

Last week Tennant Creek senior Stars spent three days on an engagement camp at the Juno Centre, a large property around 10 kilometres from town.

The focus was on identifying goals and exploring ways to engage more fully with school and community programs to enrich their learning and vocational development.

Our young women learned more about the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle from representatives of Barkly Health and Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation.

They also worked with women from Stronger Families and some community Elders to make different types of bush medicine, using ingredients and methods that have been used in the same way for many centuries.

There was also a range of fun activities, including bike-riding, some indulgent body pampering and a facial, and hot chocolate and a yarn beside the campfire.

On the final morning, each Star presented their personal mission statement to the group – and we were thrilled to identify a dentist and a midwife in the making!

Stars Mentors will now work intensively with each young woman to develop a holistic plan to help her achieve her goals.