Unleashing Their Inner Scientist

Our Year 8 and 9 Pimlico Stars were able to unleash their inner scientist at Townsville’s Museum of Tropical Queensland this week.

The Museum’s ‘Sciencentre’ is a discovery zone designed to allow students to explore the world of science and discover how science challenges the human body, exercises the brain and stimulates the senses.

They went Biking with Boney, where they learnt about how the body works and how our joints move. Then it was on to Bullseye, where they challenged each other and tested the speed and accuracy of their throw, and Disappearing Body, where they couldn’t believe what they were seeing!

Each activity encouraged our Stars to follow their curiosity, ask questions, test their ideas and use their imaginations in a hands-on way.

They were able to challenge their friends, solve puzzles and learn about how science is part of our everyday lives.