Exploring Future Pathways

As part of our strong emphasis on future pathways, our senior Katherine Stars been supported by Stars to take part in some fantastic programs to develop their understanding of career and study opportunities.

A group of young women participated in the Air Force Indigenous Youth Program, which aims to provide First Nations young people with exposure to a range of skills, trades and lifestyle experiences to showcase the range of careers available within the Royal Australian Air Force.

They were taught to march in unison, as well as having an opportunity to explore some of the RAAF jets and speak with the personnel.

Several of the students said they found the marching training challenging but rewarding.

“They taught us to be proud and not march with our heads down,” says Brittany.

Tasheena said the visit opened her eyes “to all the different jobs in the RAAF. Next year when I finish school I may be interested in their gap-year program.”

Another group of Katherine Stars were lucky enough to take part in the Indigenous Australia Science and Infrastructure Development (SID) School in Brisbane.

The SID School is designed to expose First Nations students in years 10, 11 and 12 to the many study options they can choose if they’re interested in a career in Biological, Earth and Environmental sciences, Chemistry, Information technology, Urban development and planning, and Stakeholder engagement.

The young women participated in a range of hands-on activities, discussions and site visits to give them a taste of university and professional life.