Rewarding Attendance

Regular school attendance is critical to learning. Stars encourages attendance in many ways and the girls and young women in our programs who attend school regularly are rewarded for their commitment.

Years 8 & 9 Heatley Stars who achieved an attendance rate of 90 per cent or above and consistently displayed the Stars values – Respect, Honesty, Commitment, Pride – throughout Semester 1 were taken on a camp to the Atherton Tablelands recently.

Not only was the camp a recognition of their effort, it also gave our Stars an opportunity to engage in activities they’d never done before, including camping and horse riding, which well and truly got them out of their comfort zones!

Our Stars were lucky enough to go on the Mamu Tropical Sky Wal,k where they heard from Alf Joyce, an Elder of the Mamu people, they also visited Milla Milla Waterfall and the Tolga Bat Hospital.

It was great to see the girls pushing themselves beyond what they thought they could do and achieving success!