Exploring the Army

Stars from across our Darwin programs visited Robertson Barracks Army Reserve for an exciting engagement activity recently, as part of our focus on Education, Training and Employment.

For the first session, our young women were taken to a lawn area to inspect the armoury, where they met with 10 soldiers who demonstrated the steps to launching a missile. Each missile weighs around 40 to 45 kilograms and it took a team of eight men to direct, assemble and fire one.

After spending some time trying on the soldiers’ 15-kilogram vests, along with their helmets and firearms, our Stars began to understand why our soldiers need to be physically fit!

Inside the ‘Dome’ battle-simulation centre they watched a demonstration of the technology in action, which can bring up a location anywhere in the world. Super Stars, Cerelina and Brenda, volunteered to ‘call a mission in’ and had the amazing opportunity to re-enact a missile bombing.

The final part of the visit was spending time with the Military Police. This was very popular because members of the Dog Squad were there to introduce the girls to an adorable puppy-in-training.

The Forensics Team gave an insight into the types of evidence they can gather at a crime scene, the equipment they take with them, and how they decide if something may be a piece of evidence. Our Stars had an opportunity to work through a scenario and identify items of evidence.

Such an inspiring workplace visit for our Stars, who learnt so much about the different career pathways available in the Army and how they might be able to get involved after finishing Year 12.