Increasing Engagement

Our Stars Mentors work hard to ensure that the students in our programs are attending school regularly and fully engaging in their learning.

One of the ways they do this is to take our girls and young women on special camps and excursions, where they focus on building trust and strengthening relationships to increase engagement.

Ten of our Katherine Stars were invited by their Mentors to attend a Middle Years Engagement excursion to Mataranka recently.

As part of the day, our Stars visited the Little Roper Stock Camp, where they were given an opportunity to feed animals, including horses, pigs, buffalo and cattle, and handle some reptiles, including a huge python!

After all the excitement, the girls sat together around the campfire for a yarn, while they waited for the billy to boil and the johnny cakes to cook.

On the way home, the group stopped at Bitter Springs, where the girls enjoyed swimming and playing in the beautiful clear water.