Retail Skills Session

As part of our focus on employment and study pathways after Year 12, our Haileybury Rendall Stars attended a Youth Retails Skills session hosted by Casuarina Square Centre Management in Darwin.

Our young women were delighted to meet with representatives from one of the cosmetic companies in the Centre, where they learnt what study and experience staff needed to be employed by the company.

After explaining the importance of hygiene and store presentation, the staff did a role-play with Tahlia to show what a successful interaction with a customer would look like.

They demonstrated what type of language they would use when talking to customer, the sorts of questions they would ask, and how they would ensure that the customer was happy with the products selected.

Our young women were then given an opportunity to practise what they’d learnt by performing role-plays, with one of them playing the role of the customer and the other playing the make-up artist.

Our Stars were eager to make the most of this opportunity, asking lots of questions about the demands of working full time, the seating and lighting arrangements used in the store, and also what products would be needed to create their own make-up kits.

Marie said her “favourite part was learning how to do make-up and to communicate with other people”, while Sami said hers was “learning how to put makeup on our friends and meeting the girls who work at the store”.

The session helped our Stars learn more about something that interests them – cosmetics – while also gaining a practical insight into working in customer service and retail.