Super Stars Shine in Mildura!

Mildura Super Stars, Milla Morgan and Shanika Kirby-Wilson, have been elected School Captains at Mildura Senior College and Chaffey Secondary College for 2020.

Milla is the first ever Indigenous School Captain at Mildura Senior College and is a strong advocate for equality. She hopes her own culturally diverse background – she has an Italian mother and an Aboriginal father – will help her to connect with a wide range of students at Mildura Senior College.

“I really want for each and every student to feel like their voice is valued – in a school this big you don’t want one group of people making all the decisions. Everyone should be involved in those processes.”

Milla says she hopes her success will inspire other Indigenous girls to aim high.

“I am proud to be the first Indigenous School Captain, but I would like to see this as normal thing by inspiring our up and coming Stars members.

“I’d love to show them that you can do your best and succeed. I just really want to show them that they can do anything!”

“I look forward to the challenges of 2020, which I am determined to embrace and overcome. My success is definitely due to the support of my family, Stars Foundation and Mildura Senior College.”

Meanwhile, at Chaffey Secondary College, Shanika is excited about becoming School Captain next year.

“I’m a bit nervous, but proud – and very much looking forward to the challenge. I think I will learn a lot from the experience.”

Stars is proud of the achievements of both these amazing young women and we know that they will do a fantastic job in their new roles.