A Taste of Honey

Beekeeping and honey extraction were on the agenda when our Year 10 Thuringowa Stars visited Stakelroth Farms during their recent excursion to Bowen.

Stakelroth Farms is an all-female fruit and veggie growing operation managed by long-term partners Belinda Williams and Michelle O’Regan, who generously welcomed our Stars to their farm.

Michelle spent some time speaking to the girls, sharing the inspirational personal story of how she went from a troubled childhood living in care to becoming a Police Officer – and now managing a successful agricultural enterprise.

The farm has recently added a new string to its bow – keeping native bees and extracting their deliciously sweet honey.

The girls were given a brief introduction to beekeeping and the lifecycle of bees, before being shown how to extract honey from the honeycombs.

Once all the honey was extracted, our Stars were lucky enough to be able to pour it into jars to take home to their families!

The Bowen camp was an important opportunity for our Stars to experience a new environment, learn about career opportunities in agriculture, and strengthen their relationships with their Mentors.