Stars in Satellite Selfie!

During Science Week 2020, our Casuarina Stars took part in the ‘Satellite Selfie NT’ project, creating an art image of this year’s NAIDOC theme – ALWAYS WAS, ALWAYS WILL BE – that will be visible from space!

Our Casuarina Senior College Stars Team has been working with the school Science Department to inspire more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls to get involved in STEM subjects.

For National Science Week, our young women brainstormed the idea of sending the NAIDOC 2020 message around the globe with a Satellite Selfie.

They worked with their Mentors and school Science staff to spray-paint a stencil of the words on the school oval, which they then filled in with sprinkled flour.

Our Stars felt proud to be sharing the NAIDOC message, not just with Australia but with the whole world.

Narisha said “It was cool because the satellite captured the message – Always Was, Always Will Be – which will go worldwide!”

Brooke loved the fact that they were able to incorporate the NAIDOC theme into International Science Week. “The message ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’ needs to be out there!” she said.

The satellite images won’t be available until the end of September, but the image above was taken by a drone on the day.