Going the Extra Mile

Mildura Stars Mentors have been going the extra mile to support students through two unsettling Victorian lockdowns and school closures.

It’s been a difficult time for our Mildura Stars, and they have needed the intensive support of their Mentors more than ever during this period.

Strong, trusting relationships are at the heart of the Stars program, and it’s the strength of these relationships that have allowed our Mildura Mentors to be there for our young women.

Our Mildura Team has continued to develop innovative approaches to the remote delivery of our program following a second wave of school closures in Victoria.

They’ve worked closely with school leadership teams and families to ensure that communication, connection and engagement continue, despite school closures.

Among a range of things, our awesome Mildura Team has:

  • Delivered cakes and goody bags to students having birthdays at home, alongside Victoria Police
  • Conducted many virtual fitness and wellbeing sessions, including yoga, meditation and morning training
  • Supervised a small number of on-site students with permission to continue their learning at school
  • Continued to deliver school resources and wellbeing packs to every Stars student at home
  • Arranged an online trivia game to engage students with one another, and delivered prizes to their homes
  • Supported young women to continue clocking up their learner driver hours

Stars is proud to have an incredible team of professionals in Mildura and around the country. Professionals who are deeply committed to the wellbeing and ongoing educational engagement of our students.

Despite all the uncertainty and upheaval of 2020, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and young women in our programs have continued to receive the support they need, when they need it.