Lessons for Life

As part of our focus on successful transitions from school into study or work, Stars regularly runs sessions on important life skills, such as budgeting, Resume writing and interview skills for senior students.

To understand the importance of earning enough to live comfortably, some of our Townsville Stars brainstormed what they would need money for when they leave school and how much they would need to cover their costs.

They were then encouraged to compare how much they would earn by working versus how much they would get from income support payments, like Youth Allowance. This helped them understand how important it is to get a good job.

Our young women also worked with Stars Transitions Manager, Emma, to produce effective Resumes and how to present themselves in the best possible light for a job interview, including what to wear and how to show a positive attitude.

It is always fantastic to see our young women exploring how they can make a successful transition from school into a positive and independent future!