Shooting the Stars!

Year 12 Nhulunby Stars conducted a photo shoot with some young women at the remote Yolngu outstation of Baniyala recently.

The shoot was part of a three-day camp to facilitate some special activities for students at the tiny Baniyala School.

As part of their Community Studies assessment, our Stars organised and conducted the photo shoot with local young women, as well as other Stars students.

The aim was to celebrate pride in cultural identity and support each other in recognising their strength and beauty as young Indigenous women.

The photoshoot took place on the remote Baniyala airstrip, where the older girls were responsible for lighting, styling, setting up poses, and generally supporting and encouraging the younger girls.

It was a beautiful afternoon that promoted self-confidence and sisterhood. We are super proud of our Nhulunbuy Senior Stars for working to make it happen.