Experiencing Work

Over the school holidays some of our senior Townsville Stars have been undertaking work experience.

With the support of Stars Transitions Manager QLD, Emma Ferguson, the students were placed in a diverse range of workplaces and roles, including a diesel mechanic, media relations and customer service at Townsville City Council, a vet clinic and a local gym.

This type of work experience is invaluable in giving students a chance to explore career options, as well as providing them with transferable skills that they can add to their resumes to help them gain employment after Year 12.

The Stars students did themselves proud, with some brilliant feedback from employers:

“… keen student, great work ethic and a high interest in the profession…”

“… friendly and engaged young woman … willingness to try new things, listen and learn from the team.”

Our Transitions Manager spoke with one of the students about how she enjoyed working in a vet clinic:

“It was so brilliant that it is hard to pinpoint exactly what my favourite part was. I think that it was attending surgery. I was able to assist vet nurses in monitoring the patient while under anaesthetic, as well as assisting the veterinarians by holding the tail during amputations.”

“Talking to industry professionals was also was an amazing part of work experience as they gave me advice on my university course and my career in veterinary science.” 

 “I learned a lot over the five days, from the way veterinary clinics are run, to the specific roles that vets perform in day to day life. I also learned a great deal about diseases and injuries in pets from attending consults and observing treatment of patients.” 

Stars would like to say a huge thank you to all the local Townsville businesses and organisations that took our young women on, giving them a taste of their industry sector and making them feel so welcome!