Up and at ’em!

Some of our Darwin Stars were up and at ’em very early last Sunday to take part in the City to Surf run at the Nightcliff foreshore, at the invitation of one of our fantastic partners, Santos.

Our dedicated Stars Mentors were up bright and early (5.30 am to be exact!) to collect the Haileybury Rendall School girls from their boarding house, before heading off to the beach and meeting up with Stars from our Casuarina Senior College program.

The group did a great job completing the 4km course, with half running the 4km distance around the beach, and the other half walking.

One of our HRS Stars, Storme, said she wasn’t that keen on the idea of getting up so early on a Sunday morning, but once she’d completed the run she felt great.

‘Afterwards, I felt really fit and had lots of energy for the day. It was a humbling experience being up to watch the sunrise!”

Great to see our young women busting through their natural teenage desire to sleep in and taking part in the run with such energy and enthusiasm.

Thanks to Santos for the opportunity!