Learning Radio Skills

Our Year 7 Tennant Creek Stars have been exploring the world of radio broadcasting this year.

They’ve been attending the Barkly Arts Centre once a week and working with the staff to learn some of the skills needed to work in the industry.

During the Desert Harmony Festival, which was online this year due to COVID, many of our students had their recordings used on 8CCC Radio, and some of their interviews were filmed and shared on social media platforms.

This term the students have been taking turns interviewing one another, while also learning to use the equipment and record the interviews. Their recordings will be used in future advertisements and promotions on the station.

It has been a great way for our Stars to learn more about how a radio station works and the experience has given them an insight into potential career pathways in the media.

Special thanks to the Barkly Arts Centre for introducing our Stars to the exciting world of radio!