Junior Ranger Star

Jabiru Star, Leah Tambling, recently spent a full day out on the beautiful Yellow Water wetland plains of Kakadu surveying the quality of the water, as part of the Jabiru Junior Ranger program.

These wetlands are critical to the existence and survival of many animals, birds, insects, and plants. The flood plain also provides a food source for the surrounding communities.

Mandy Muir, who cares for her mother country, explains the eco system of the flood plains and how the water is assessed by examining the insects that live in the river systems. 

“It is important that we care for our land that has been cared for by our ancestors. It is by passing the knowledge down to our young generation that we ensure the land will provide for our families and way of life.”

As part of her work with the Rangers, Leah collected water samples and studied the insects in the water. The different species indicate how healthy the water is in this unique ecosystem.

Leah also discovered that certain weeds that can threaten the life cycle of the river system by clogging up the river and suffocating the native plants and fish.

Local Rangers are caring for the wetlands by trying to rid the river systems of these introduced weeds.

Leah will be surveying small river systems around Jabiru over the next few weeks to test the water quality across Kakadu.