Couch Surfing Stars

Stars from Palmerston College 7-9 took part in the annual Couch Surfing event in Darwin recently, which is held to raise awareness of youth homelessness.

In the lead up to the event, Stars students and Mentors transformed an old vinyl couch using a design featuring the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, Stars and school logos, and the Stars and Palmerston College’s values.

After the couch was finished (and looking amazing!), it had wheels screwed to the bottom ready for racing through Civic Park in Darwin City.

Although our Palmerston Super Stars did not take home the win, they learnt a lot about the impacts of homelessness and the services and supports that are available for young people experiencing homelessness in the Northern Territory.

They also had loads of fun and got to take home a free goodie bag filled with items collected from stallholders throughout the event!