Emergency Services Careers

Heatley seniors Stars have been experiencing what life is like in the emergency services over the past two weeks, as part of our focus on exploring post-school options.

Last week they visited Kirwan Ambulance Station – one of the busiest in Northern Queensland. They heard a bit about what it’s like to be a paramedic and the different pathways they could take to pursue this career.

It was inspiring for our Stars to hear from Paramedic Jess, who grew up in Mt Isa and is currently participating in the Indigenous Pathways Program and completing her Diploma.

This week they were taken to the South Townsville Fire Station, where they got hands-on experience of what trainee firefighters have to do to get ready to fight fires. They also learnt about the other types jobs there are in the service, including working in the call centre. 

These experiences are invaluable as our Stars reach the age where they are starting to think about what they want to do after completing Year 12.

A very big thank you to both Kirwan Ambulance Station and South Townsville Fire Station for so generously welcoming our students into their workplace.