Workplace Visit

Workplace visits play an important role in the Stars program, exposing students to a range of employment pathways they might consider after completing Year 12.

Last week, Year 9 Sanderson Stars were taken on a visit to Karama Woolworths Supermarket to learn more about the range of roles on offer and the potential for part-time work while still at school.

First stop was the bakery section, where they donned hairnets and gloves before learning more about what a baker does and how bread and other baked goods are prepared.

The girls were super excited to make their own delicious pizzas using freshly made dough!

The Manager, Simone, then took our Stars into the staff tearoom, where they were able to taste test some of the different varieties of fruit on sale in the supermarket. They even got to take some back to the Stars Room to share with their friends.

It was a great opportunity, and lots of fun! We thank the staff at Karama Woolies for taking the time to show our young women around the store.