The future is in our Stars! That’s why we give the young women in our programs many opportunities to explore the career pathways available to them, including Law, Science, Nursing, Defence, Emergency Services, Hospitality, Hairdressing and many others.

Recently some of our Darwin Stars explored vocational training options at Charles Darwin University’s Palmerston facility, which focuses on Hospitality, Tourism, Culinary Arts and Hairdressing.

The purpose was to give students a hands-on experience, during which they got to meet and yarn with Lecturers and try out a range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) options that are open to them if they decide to apply for VET in 2022.

Students rotated around the various Schools on campus, taking part in a range of practical activities, including an introduction to hairdressing, learning how to carry multiple plates in a restaurant setting, and making pita bread and chicken schnitzel from scratch!

At the conclusion of the visit, the students sat down to eat the food they’d made and listen to an inspirational speech by Dr Theresa Schwellnus, who spoke about the many opportunities available across Charles Darwin University and the importance of lifelong learning.

It was fantastic to see our Stars so interested and engaged in all the activities – a big thank you to everyone at CDU’s Palmerston facility for hosting the visit.