Stellar Attendance

Philomena Clancy, a member of our Palmerston Stars program, has improved her school attendance from almost zero to near perfect with the support of Stars, which commenced at her school at the beginning of 2021.

Philomena had become disengaged from school because of some life challenges she was facing, but with the full-time support of her Stars Mentors, her family and her school, she has been able to turn this around.

As Philomena advised other students in a recent NT News article, even though things might be hard and going to school seems impossible, “At least give it a go and push yourself to go back”.

Everyone at Stars – especially her two Mentors Rhianon and Narcissa – are very proud of her renewed determination to attend school and focus on her education.

Philomena has rekindled her love of learning and is now working towards her dream of becoming a Vet.

You are a Super Star, Philomena!