M-Powered Stars

Stars corporate partner, MECCA, recently held an event to provide some of our Perth Stars with an opportunity to explore the career pathways available within their fast-growing business, which is Australia and New Zealand’s leading beauty destination.

The Stars program places a strong emphasis on providing young women with information about the many different jobs and study opportunities that are out there to choose from once they finish high school.

The morning began with an Acknowledgement of Country, followed by some guest speakers from MECCA, who provided information about their business and the many different roles that it offers.

The young women were then spilt into groups to take part in beauty workshops, where they were shown how to apply make-up for both a ‘glam’ and ‘classic’ look.

Students were super engaged and really enjoyed speaking with the MECCA team, who were very impressed with the skills many of the girls already had when applying their own makeup.

After the event, the girls had lunch together and shared some very positive learnings that they were taking away from the experience.

Stars is one of three partners supported by MECCA’s M-Power program, which aims to empower girls and women and promote gender equality through education. We’re now in the third year of our partnership, and over that time MECCA M-Power has supported over 200 Stars students across NT, QLD, VIC and WA.   

A very big thank you to MECCA for putting on such a special event for our young women and giving them an insight into career pathways in the beauty sector.