Stars in Lockdown 7.0

‘Remote learning is hard, but my Stars Mentors have helped me by keeping me on track with my online classes and checking in with me and my family every day.’

Our Victorian Stars have had a rough 18 months or so, with ongoing lockdowns and disruptions to their learning, and their Mentors are filled with admiration for the way they’re handling it all.

“We are so proud of the girls, and we can’t wait to see them all back at school soon. We just want to encourage them to remain optimistic, continue to work hard and stay connected,” says Stars Program Coordinator, Sam Bice.

According to Sam, and Stars Mentor Tylah, our Chaffey Stars have taken on Lockdown 7.0 and the latest round of remote learning like the champions they are!

Sam and Tylah have been supporting them by picking them up each morning, bringing them onsite, and helping them with their online classes, while the students who can learn from home have been provided with iPads and internet modems to help them remain engaged.

Everyone at Stars is so very proud of the way our Victorian Stars, and their amazing Mentors, have coped with so much ongoing uncertainty and upheaval. Fantastic work everyone!