Setting up for Success!

Moving into Year 12 can be daunting. As part of our Townsville transitions program, we take Year 11 students on a special camp to help set them up for success.

The Transitions Camp aims to start the girls thinking about the world beyond school and to create friendship bonds between students in our three Townsville programs so they can support each other throughout Year 12.

The young women undertake a range of activities designed to build resilience, encourage leadership and teamwork, and support the students to engage with key businesses and stakeholders.

Highlights of the camp included:

  • An inspirational Q&A session with three Stars Alumni
  • A community expo featuring 16 stall holders that helped the students explore different career options and after-school support
  • Team building and leadership activities, including blindfolded obstacle courses, amazing race around the city, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and raft building
  • Volunteering at three locations arounds Townsville to emphasise the importance of giving back to the community

It was great to get some glowing feedback from the businesses represented, including this from Coles: “we were very impressed with your girls and their professionalism … You should be proud of yourself as these girls were very impressive.”

As a group, the young women also worked together to develop and set goals they would like to achieve next year.

There was a powerful discussion around what it means to be a good role model and what they want to leave behind as their legacy as Stars Graduates in 2022.

We have no doubt at all that these impressive young women will leave a fantastic legacy!