Dolphin Discovery

Many of our Senior Stars in Bunbury WA began their workplace learning journey this week.

Year 11 Star, Tamalia, commenced her placement at the Dolphin Discovery Centre after her Stars Mentors supported her to prepare for her interview and tour the centre to gain a better understanding of the roles on offer.

Tamalia was excited to learn that, as part of her placement, she will work in the Dolphin Interactive Zone, where dolphins and humans can meet and interact. The Interaction Zone has been designated as a special dolphin protection area for this purpose.

She will also work in the Interpretive Centre, where she will have an opportunity to learn and share information about sea life and local ecosystems through the live aquariums, activity centres and the 360-degree Digital Dolphinarium.

Tamalia will also spend some time on the Dolphin Eco Cruises on Koombana Bay, where visitors view the local Bottlenose Dolphins as they interact in their natural habitat, and the Aquaculture Centre, where injured Turtles are rehabilitated before being returned to the wild.

What a fabulous learning opportunity!