Opening eyes to the future

Townsville Stars had a visit from the Downer Group Inclusion and Diversity team recently, who helped open their eyes to the local career opportunities available within their company.

They also took the time to yarn with our Stars and learn more about their lives and stories, and how the Stars program supports, nurtures and inspires them.

The students asked lots of questions about what life is like working in a big company like Downer and were fascinated to hear about the many different types of jobs that are available within the company.

The Downer team also met with three of our Stars Alumni, all of whom have experience working in different sectors, and are now looking to explore other career options.

Our Alumni were super excited about what they learnt in the session and are interested in pursuing some of the opportunities that Downer has to offer.

Thank you to the Downer team for visiting the Stars Room, taking the time to get to know our students, and providing so much useful information about future possibilities!