NEC laptops support Stars’ learning

Technology is a critical part of any student’s learning. That’s why our wonderful partner, NEC Australia, has recently donated 15 laptops to our programs.  This generous donation will help close the gap by improving Stars students’ ability to access the vital technology required to do research and complete school assignments.

“Many of our students do not have computers or the internet at home, so this wonderful donation from NEC will mean that more of our First Nations girls and young women will have access to the critical tools  they need to effectively pursue their education,” said Stars Founder and CEO, Andrea Goddard.

According to one of our Townsville Stars Mentors, the NEC laptops are already proving to be a fantastic additional resource in our Stars Rooms.  “The donation of these laptops means that our students – especially those who don’t have a computer at home – are able to do the necessary research to complete their assignments and keep up with their work.”

Toula Padoa, NEC Vice President – People & Culture, says that the organisation is proud to partner with Stars Foundation and provide practical assistance to First Nations girls and young women as they continue to pursue their education.

“Technology has become an integral part of education and having access to the right tools ensures that no student will be left behind in pursuing their goals.  We know that the bright young women of the Stars Foundation will embrace every opportunity to continue to learn, be inquisitive, creative and to challenge themselves to reach a brighter future,” she said.