A Dream Come True!

Willow, a Stars Graduate from Townsville, has always had big ambitions and she has already realised one of them – to have her own radio show.

Willow hosts ‘Midday Mix’ on 4K1G, an Indigenous-run radio station that broadcasts to Northern Queensland and can also be listened to online right across Australia.

She recently invited Queensland’s Stars Transitions Manager, Emma, and a fellow Alumnus, Samica, to visit the studio for a very special interview about Stars Foundation.

As part of the segment, Willow spoke about how the support provided to her by Stars during her high school years helped her to identify and achieve her goals.

“I’m just so thankful for the support and guidance that Stars provided to me during school and after school, and I wanted to educate others about what they do to support First Nations girls,” Willow said.

“I absolutely love hosting my own radio show and I am learning so much. One of my favourite parts of the job is being able to connect directly to the North Queensland Indigenous community.”

Everyone at Stars is super proud of Willow. She definitely has a big future ahead of her!