Welcome To Our New Stars Programs in WA

Since the start of the year, Stars has established four new Stars programs in Western Australian and we are now proudly supporting and mentoring 2,600 girls and young women across 49 schools throughout Australia. 

We welcome all the new Stars, Mentors and school partners at:

• Busselton Senior High School, Busselton

• Peg’s Creek Primary School, Karratha

• Tambrey Primary School, Karratha

• Warnbro Community High School, Warnbro.

The programs have hit the ground running with students from Years 4-12 enrolling across the four schools in the first term. Our Mentors have created beautiful and safe spaces that the students are excited to attend and spend time in each day.

The following quote from a Year 8 Stars student, Mahalia, suggests the programs have got off to a good start. 

“Stars has supported me by letting me know that I have someone to fall back on when I’m trying to deal with school and family stuff. Coming to the Stars house makes me feel very comfortable and safe and somewhere I can hang out during recess and lunch and just be myself.”  

Meanwhile, Stars is receiving an increasing number of school enquiries about working with Stars in the future. Stars Foundation is built on shared trust and respect between students, families and schools, and every individual in the Stars team and supporter base is encouraged to feel proud that the organisation continues to grow based on word of mouth and positive impact.