Interview Preparation Helps Create Employment Opportunities

It’s exciting and empowering to land your first job and Stars students are consistently working towards this goal with the Stars Transitions team. We are dedicated to supporting students’ transitions from school to employment and/or further studies.

During the past two school terms in Townsville, 26 Stars in Year 10, 11 and 12 have participated in mock interviews with eight local business leaders. As part of the preparation, students refined key answers for questions, rehearsed with peers and Stars staff and some enjoyed searching the local Salvation Army store for a suitable interview outfit.

Although students were initially nervous at the start, our Stars boldly accepted the challenge and gave it their best effort. Business contacts involved in the process expressed how impressed they were by the girls’ organisational skills, how they presented themselves, and the level of engagement and enthusiasm brought to the interviews.

The interviews were designed to ensure students were work ready. All Stars who attended came prepared with their birth certificate, bank account, tax file number and resumes.

From the two rounds of interviews three students have commenced casual employment and ten young women are working through the pre-employment checks to gain employment. Two Year 12s were also offered the opportunity to apply for Townsville City Council traineeships for 2024.

This brings the total percentage of Year 12 Stars in Townsville who have secured casual employment to 71 per cent this year. Thank you to all the businesses involved and congratulations to our students for displaying the Stars’ values and for making us all very proud.

Meanwhile, the Stars Transitions team continues to work closely with Stars students throughout the senior years of school and for up to two years after leaving school to help give students the best opportunities related to employment and study.

About the Stars Transitions program

The Stars Foundation has a strong focus on supporting Stars’ young women to identify and work toward achieving their chosen pathway after school. This process starts early in Stars programs where participants are given the opportunity to be exposed to different careers through worksite visits and inspiring talks from First Nations professionals already working in their chosen field.

As students’ progress through middle and senior school, the Stars Foundation provides guidance on subject selection for specific pathways and supports Stars young women to become work-ready, making sure they have all the necessary documentation to get a head start.

Transitions Coordinators organise regular events for our Stars to meet and speak with a range of partners and potential employers working in different sectors and industries. The Stars team also actively build networks with potential employers and have extensive knowledge about different pathways including traineeships, apprenticeships, and scholarships for university, which they share as our Stars progress through the senior school years.

Following school graduation, Transitions Coordinators continue to support Stars graduates, by regularly touching base and supporting them to access opportunities, as needed. In addition, the students become part of an Australia-wide Alumni network which grows with each passing year.

Article by Emma Ferguson, Transitions Team

All images are from Heatley Secondary College in Townsville.